Explore Point Richmond

In many ways, a stroll around Point Richmond is a stroll back through history—only with fun shopping and great food. The village was the original town of Richmond, and a rip-roaring one it once was too, when the railroads and then the oil workers arrived. Many of the 19th to early 20th-century buildings still exist, many still in use, adding to the period charm.

Fits for the Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or a non-denominational gathering of friends and loved ones, the winter season is a fantastic opportunity to dress up, down and generally all around. By this I mean, don’t dress to impress someone else, but let’s dress the heck up for ourselves this holiday season! Let’s give the gift of feeling great in our clothes—to ourselves first and each other by proxy. I’ll cheers a glass of dairy-free eggnog to that.

The Financial Benefits of Marriage

While marriage could be a boon to your bank account, it could also leave you in temporary or permanent financial straits. But getting to know your mate’s mindset towards money and their financial situation will play a crucial role in reaching your happily-ever-after goal. Addressing financial topics isn’t romantic, and some couples might find talking about them uncomfortable; it’s a must do before saying I do.

Confessions of a Wedding Caterer

My very first day as a server for a wedding catering company, I learned an important lesson: Weddings are not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re a guest, a worker or an expectant fiancé(e), the day dawns bright with the promise of high emotions, festivity and very little time to sit down and relax.

Offbeat Wedding Venues

For those wanting to stay local, here are some ideas for offbeat wedding venues that might just be the solution for an unforgettable—and unique—ceremony. Be aware that pent-up demand during the pandemic has meant a flood of weddings, so be prepared to book any of these offbeat wedding venues as far in advance as possible.

Leading With Lifestyle

Ayesha Curry’s Sweet July At Sweet July, fashion and design are represented by far more than clothing and home goods. The new one-stop retail shop and café, opened in downtown Oakland in January 2021 by restaurateur and best-selling cookbook author Ayesha Curry, houses a lifestyle. Within the store’s luminous space, the tale of a beautiful life lived in graceful and inclusive harmony in which peace, fellowship and kinship prevail is narrated in part with carefully curated products delivered largely by Black-owned businesses as well as products created by Bay Area-based makers, mostly women. The “story” of a well-designed, fashionable life is staged in the store’s quietly sophisticated brick-and-mortar interior setting designed by Curry and Christine Lin of Bay Area design firm Form +...

Up in Smoke Again

“For years, dispensaries were hit regularly by cops with badges,” says Dale Sky Jones, chancellor at Oaksterdam University. “During the riots, Oakland cops did nothing to protect them. They circled their own wagons, defended themselves and watched robberies go unchecked.”